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Stuff Club – Naughty or Nice

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As part of Stuff Club at Poke, we made this Naughty or Nice detector chair as a Christmas installation in our office. As people sit on the massive over-sized Santa’s lap, they’re reminded both of the childhood terror of grottos and the joy of Santa’s magic knowledge of whether one had been naughty or nice.

Our grotto deals out for each person a reward or a punishment and sends that result, plus a photo, to for all to see.

My main role in this project was tinkering with Arduino to get the electronics side working, and worked closely with Matthias to make sure the software side work, while the wood cutting/screwing and painting side were taken care of by the Foxes, Badger and Martin Rose.It was a bit of a mammoth task as we had to get the whole thing done from scratch over the weekend so we could keep it a surprise from the rest of Poke, but we managed it – well done gang!